Cowl Uses

It is cold. And wet. And a good day to think about warm things.

So for all of you who are wondering what the heck this –

is, I did some experiment to figure out how many ways the Instacowl (copyright me) can be worn. With the help of the bathroom mirror, this is what I figured out; feel free to add your ideas and I’ll try them out.

1. Traditional. A cowl is basically a turtleneck without the sweater, and here it is serving that basic purpose.

2. ET style. The advantage of having an extra-long cowl Is that you can pull it over your head and still keep your neck warm.

3. Mr. Wilson style. Complete with bags under the eyes, this is for people who have cold mouths or who have a contractual obligation not to show their entire faces at one time.

4. Dr. Seuss style. Wrap a ribbon around the back of it and you have a Cindy-Lou Who ponytail in the color of your choice.

I’m not sure if my grandmother, for whom this cowl was made, will go for all of these uses; I’m just hoping she likes it despite the fact that the stripes are a little more dramatic than I thought they’d be. (Not like it wasn’t friggin’ obvious just looking at the ball.)

Now I should make myself some gloves to survive the winter. oh wait. christmas.

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