Cape Crawl Adventures!

Hey folks… my apologies to those of  you out there who have been hanging on by your fingernails, dying to hear (and see) what’s become of me over the last week. My totally legit excuse is that I quit my job a couple of weeks ago, so in addition to being on vacation, I’ve been job searching and trying to get life together in a transitional time. No worries about the quitting – I left on amiable terms and it was mutually considered the best thing for me to do. Jared & I still love and are committed to our church, and we will go on volunteering ourselves blue there. The only difference is that I won’t get paid for it and I no longer have a key. So I’m looking for full-time work… I’m brainy and can do most administrative/customer service things, but if anyone wants to throw buckets of money at me for knitting and designing knitwear, you know how to find me.

I know it’s rather belated, but I feel it my duty to share with you all of the yarny wonderment that there is to be found in Cape Cod and Rhode Island. Jared & I did our best to turn the entire getaway into one big yarn crawl, and despite several closed stores, we were not disappointed.

Mom & Leah accompanied us for the first section of our Cape Cod yarn crawl, which started in Harwich Port.

Bet Uncle Roe didn’t know he was so close to such an excellent yarny establishment as “Adventures in Knitting,” the utterly appropriate name for our first stop.

Mom made a serious haul of Berroco something (what was it again?) for her own version of the red kimono shown in the previous picture.

Leah, meanwhile, had fun with a sheep-shaped tape measure.

Our next stop, the same day, was Ladybug Yarn shop, a seriously cute place in Dennis.

I fell down pretty hard there. Walked away with 11 skeins of Nahsua Handknits Shenandoah (Brand new for this season; not even up on Ravelry when I stashed it) in Purple, and a very guilty conscience. I also made my requisite local purchase, a skein of Suri something or other from Hand Painted Yarns in Dennis. Pink and purple and blue and brown and expensive, one skein will be a little cowl or something.

A couple of days later, Leah came with Jared & I on the second leg of the tour. In East Sandwich, we encountered a new shop named the Black Purls Yarn Shop.

I observed no pirates, to my disappointment, but we caught our first glimpse of the incredible Araucania Yarns and their wild, natural, awe inspiring colorways. We kept ourselves to two skeins of sock yarn (not the ones Jared is holding below, even though he’s looking very possessive. We hadn’t found the Auracania yet at that point). Actually, out of the entire store, we both wanted the same skein. I saw it first, and Jared’s a nicer person than me, so he picked another one.

We didn’t have any more successes that day, though one of our unsuccessful stops was worth mentioning. We’d tried to find shops that had gone out of business, shops that had moved, shops that didn’t exist in anyone’s recollection; later we found one that had become a barber shop, and another that had become a shop called “Posh and Naughty” (yes, exactly what it sounds like), but none were quite as unique as this:

Weird name… what would they mean by selling “primitives”? They were closed, but I got a shot through the window:

I comfort myself that the selection didn’t look too heart-stopping, but a few failures were very healthy for our wallets.

We couldn’t help feeling that week that we were in the center of the news, and not just because the President was on Martha’s Vinyard. On Wednesday, we went on a cruise in Hyannis, where the fair shop Prudence took us out to the Cape bay to see the Kennedy houses.


If you can make out that house on the far left of that picture, with the three dormers, I’m pretty sure that’s the house in which Senator Ted Kennedy was saying farewell to this earth while we looked on.

A couple of days later, when Jared & I drove down highway 6 for our side trip to Rhode Island, we were apparently not too far ahead of the funeral procession, as we got to see hundreds of native Cape Codders gather on overpasses and exits and anywhere else they could legally park along the highway to say goodbye to their beloved icon.

Over the Scarborough bridge we went, down the highway, into RI. Our first yarny stop in a new state was a newish place called “Unwind.” I didn’t get a shot of the outside of the place, though it’s very cute, but you know we were in the right place: 



The inside and outside were a treat. It was a bit ironic to us that this was the only place at which we found yarn from Cape Cod. I’d link you to it, but we weren’t impressed with it (solid colors, kool-aid bright, overpriced) and I don’t want to defame it for those of you who like that sort of thing. The shop was not lacking in wonderment though; I bought my first skein of Misti Alpaca for my very own Icarus. I’m excited, though I have no idea why I keep buying shawl yarn, since I still haven’t finished my first one.



The Mermaid’s Purl in Warwick (I think?) was our next stop.



Formerly known as “And the Beadz Go On,” this place had an impressive stock of notions as well as yarn. Jared got buttons for a future project, and I got a little something, but we were running low on time (not to mention cash) so we escaped further temptation.

Temptation caught up with us pretty quickly, though – Our last stop was just down the street from uncle Dave & Aunt Steph’s B&B in Wakefield.



No pictures of the inside of this place either, because once we got inside, we saw the sale bins and had a small seizure. A firm agreement between the two of us to start a serious yarn fast – no new yarn that doesn’t have a specific Christmas destiny, and certainly no new sweaters’ worth of yarn – evaporated from our minds as we stood before the “Buck a Ball” barrel. More Araucania (some singles on sale, plus sock yarn for presents), angora on sale, plus 12 skeins of Berroco “Zodiac” (which suddenly becomes tantalizingly beautiful at 12% of its original price), and we staggered out with arms full and big, stupid grins.



The week’s haul. There are no words. Except maybe “yarn diet.” Or maybe “yarn detox.”

Stay tuned for next time, when I explain why my fingers are black.

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