We all have these moments

When, after a period of success that has perhaps led to pride… we are reduced to our proper place by a rather impressive error.

Stairway to Heaven is back, after a long hiatus. I’m working on the collar, in a big heap, but while on the go, I packed up materials for a sleeve. I had cast on and knit my ribbing when I revisited the pattern for specific directions on where to go next. It said, quite clearly, “continue on in st st” (that’s stockinette stitch for the uninitiated. Plane jane, flat, normal stitches.

This surprised me, as the rest of the sweater, you may remember, looks like this:


I looked at the pattern. I read it carefully. But there was no mistaking it. Stockinette stitch.

Now you’re asking yourself, “Why didn’t you check the picture?” Because, friend, I was knitting the pattern out of the last issue I received of Rebecca magazine. Yes, it’s cute; my mom got me a year’s subscription of it for obvious reasons. But the last issue that I got of this magazine was, inexplicably, in German. This would be problematic, except that they also sent along a photocopied packet of the pattern section in English. So, to make a long story longer, while I was out, I had only taken the English pattern section with me, and that pattern section had no pictures.

So after reading the sleeve section of the pattern three times, I decided to be a good girl and believe it. I kept telling myself, “I’ll check the picture in the magazine when I get home.” But invariably when I got home I would forget, and before long, I had finished increasing and was ready for the sleeve cap.


Plain, beautiful, quick, enjoyable. So imagine my shock when I finally opened to the page with the picture of the sweater on it.


That. Is not. A plain. Sleeve.

I reached for the English pattern section and looked, stunned, at my error.

See, I knew that the pattern for the sleeve started on the second page of the pattern, and went on for a bit before there were other patterns on the page. I had a visual. And I kept the packet flipped open to the right page. It looks like this.


BUT, when the packet is open to this page, if you flip it over, it looks like this:


And I had very carefully followed the directions to knit a sleeve for the WRONG SWEATER. I had in fact been knitting the sleeve for this:


I mean, I can understand missing a little thing like “at the end of every row,” or any number of other little mistakes that would require an entire piece to be frogged. But reading the wrong pattern? It’s the kind of thing that makes me want to eat my stash, shave my head, and join the air force.

Oh well. I suppose in the long run, moments like this are good for my character.


Sleeve 1, Take 2.

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