Leg 2: Kampala – illness and inspiration

This is so weird. I’m at home… I’m going through the motions that I always go through at home… I’m doing the things I used to do here… but I don’t feel like I’m really here. My heart is still back here:

In Uganda. This is Kampala, the Kapital I mean Capital, where we spent two nights on purpose and one on accident. On the way there Jared started his medallion mitts, with the terrific Artyarns Supermerino that I ate up with my eyes during his entire project.

The pattern is from “>Knitting with Balls.


There is no yarn in this picture, but I will show it to you because it is part of our Bishop Watch. Well okay, there weren’t any bishops here, but it is a Cathedral – Namirimbe Cathedral, as it happens; the seat of the Archbishop of Uganda (or at least it used to be; it might have moved.) We got a tour of the inside; I wasn’t bold enough to take a picture of it, but there was a seat labeled for every diocese in the country. I could just picture that dark hall filled with African bishops in fuscia robes, discussing matters of national, global, and spiritual import. It’s like being in the spiritual Senate building.

We got a sobering reminder that, in the days of the founding of the church of Uganda, missionary work was for life:

And I meditated on how to get that cross into knitted form. A slightly easier life-to-knitting puzzle was a lattice-y fence type thing that we parked next to when we finally made it downtown in the city.

We stayed at the Nimarimbe guest house, whose logo you see tastefully framed below. While there, I swatched a bit of Lion Brand’s Recycled Cotton for the Baby Yoda sweater. (If the mom sees this, I wet it with potable water to swatch.)

We accidentally got to stay at NGH an extra day when Jared woke up puking the previous night’s cold pizza. While this was a disappointing setback, it did offer a golden opportunity to get a head start on Baby Yoda. Another good selling point for knitting: it automatically redeems any unexpected boredom time.

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