When I started typing the title of this post, I thought I was inventing a word. Then my phone autocompleted it after six letters. Clearly I am not alone. I am on the brink of starting several projects. I’m all warped up for my next weave, complete with header, but can’t bring myself to throw … More Startophobia

Blind Spot

I have to tell you something very silly I did. When I was first coming back to spinning, I was hearing about the different drafts. Short forward draw made sense to me; it came naturally. In that draft, your fibre hand is still, and your drafting hand moves back and forth from the fibre source. … More Blind Spot

The Bees Knees

After my griping and moaning in last post, I realized I just needed to have a go at mending Ns leggings. I’ve mended her leggings before with creative reinforced darns, but they always tore again right away. Or she grew a couple inches and a new knee wore out. This time I decided to go … More The Bees Knees