Shortcut to Mushrooms?

I’m not even out of the Shire yet, and I’ve already gotten myself in a wee pickle in my knitted journey through the Fellowship of the Ring. As described in the post just linked, I have yarn for most of the projects already, but not the second. I did not foresee the complete desertification of my yarn budget, and now I seem to be up a creek without a paddle.

This is the yarn I decided on:

Picture shamelessly stolen from ewes d’bleu online store. Click for link.

It’s Manos Fino, in colorway “Watered Silk,” and I want it. There are two skeins waiting for me at Yarns Unlimited. The catch? They’re poopily expensive, and I’ll have to wait for Christmas money to acquire them. That really isn’t that long of a wait. I can probably make it, if I can survive the annoyed glares I’m getting from Jared, who wants to continue reading the book.

(Before you ask, no, I am not going to reorder the projects. Expect my complete intractability on this subject.)

I was prepared to wait. But this weekend, looking at my hand-dyed sock yarns on display (see previous post*), I bethought me how beautiful they look. The two below were dyed three years ago, and the color has held despite my relative inexperience. They don’t have quite as fabulous a base as the Fino, but the colors are pretty lovely. And they have the homefield advantage of already being in my closet.

The beads (ordered in a weak moment from Joanns when shipping was nearly free) were waiting for me when we got home. They are a bit more ivory in color than appears in these pictures, but the yarn colors are pretty accurate. What do you think?


Above is the 100% merino, and below is the merino/nylon sock yarn. Both are “groovy green.”


Give me your thoughts in the comments. Should I take the shortcut to mushrooms?

EDITED TO ADD: I’m sure it’d help if I reminded you what the pattern was. It’s Mithril, a lace vest, and I’ve knit it before.

Naomi’s already shared her opinion. It goes more or less like this: “NEW RATTLE FOR MEEEEE!!!”


My bead canisters are her favorite toy in my office. Yes, I know this is a disaster waiting to happen. We live dangerously. (Dangerously for my floor, that is. The worst that could happen on our end is finding a few beads in her diaper. Nice visual? You’re welcome.)

*We did quite well over the weekend, we think. The show had a lot of visitors, and the gradient kits in particular did very well. We have plenty of leftovers, though, and the store is now open again. It was fun, but a lot of work! Mom is contemplating more shows in the future.

4 thoughts on “Shortcut to Mushrooms?

  1. Hmm–what about texture issues. Your colors are great either way, but I bet the texture will make it really different, perhaps change the “mood” you are going for?


  2. That’s true. I’ve resisted using the merino-nylon for this project because it tends to fuzz in a way that does not please me for lace (though it’s fine for socks). The 2-ply would be very jagged compared to the merino-silk single, but I’m not sure yet if I care…


  3. Since I’m all for instant gratification, I would use the sock yarn now, and buy the Manos Fino with Christmas money. You can always use it for the next vest project. 🙂


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