Errata for Clue #4

Hey folks,

Thank you, again, for your patience. I’ve finally had a chance to see the errors you’ve found. Mercifully, my delay means you speedy knitters have all confirmed eachothers’ findings.

In the Written Directions, two rows were incorrect. The corrected rows are shown below.

Row 11: *K6; P1* 4 times; K38. [The original had K35, which left out 3 stitches.]

Row 32: Row 32: K3; P3; *K1, P6* 3 times; K1; P3; K35. [The P3 was missing.]

In case you’re wondering, there WILL be a final version of the pattern sent out to all participants, with the clues all together and the errors all fixed. Blessings and happy knitting!

2 thoughts on “Errata for Clue #4

  1. I just received the PDF pattern and noticed that in the written instructions I have Row 32: K3;P3;*K1,P6* 3 times P3;K1;K32. In the errata Clue #4 you have K3d;P3;*K1,P6* 3 times;K1;P3;K35…in other words, the section after the “3times” part there is a problem…is the K1 before or after the P3 or both?


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