Clue #1 Errata

Missing Abbreviation:

K1tbl: Knit one through the back loop. (This stitch is not actually used by itself in the clue, but is part of the C1RT and C1LT instructions.)

Errors in Written Directions. The following two rows should be worked as follows:

Row 9: K3; *P2, C1RT, P3, C1LT, P2, C1RT, P3, K2togtbl, YO* 3 times; P2; C1RT; P3; C1LT; K3. [Original instructions transposed a P for a C; a “P1LT” does not exist!]

Row 21: K3; *C1RT, P7, YO, K2tog, P7* 3 times; K3. [Original instructions contained a P2tog; omit this.]

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