The Road Ahead

Lent approaches like the opening of a tense little flowerbud. And all over the world, 225+ knitters sit with needles poised over seven balls of yarn, ready for the first clue of our Lenten Knit-Along to be revealed. The clues are prepared, ready to be shot out of my inbox like so many cupidian arrows, and I am full of anticipation for what we will discover along the way.

As we finish packing our bags, here is a small roadmap of what you can expect each week until the high and holy Paschal feast.

  • Late Friday night/early Saturday morning (depending on your time zone), clues will be sent out by email to participants. This will be the only thing to go out by email every week; all other content will be on the blog.
  • That same day, Saturday, I’ll do a blog post discussing any unusual techniques included in the clue, providing as many resources as possible.
  • On Sunday, I’ll offer my own brief reflections, along with the appropriate chapter to read in The Drama of Scripture and some relevant Bible passages to study that week.
  • During the week, Monday -Thursday, my friends here at seminary have some reflections relevant to each chapter that they have agreed to share. If any topic strikes your heart deeply, we’ll try to provide some further reading that we’ve found beneficial for further exploration. I don’t expect we will have one of these every day, but I’m shooting for two per week or so.
  • On Friday, I’ll post my finished square.

We’ll start this week with some reflections on the whole project – what is this Story that we’re knitting through? Why does it matter? Check back tomorrow for an essay by the most excellent Todd.

If you’re reading along in The Drama of Scripture by Craig G. Bartholomew and Michael W. Goheen (Baker, 2004), this is a good time to read the Prologue, pp. 15-28.

Other matters:

  • Pattern questions and possible errata will be primarily discussed in the KAL Ravelry group. (Note: Ravelry is a completely free site, but you will have to register in order to view the group and participate in discussions.) This is a great place to start with any problems – others have probably had the same issue as you, and can probably get back to you quicker than I can!
  • Should any errata be confirmed by me, they will be immediately published here, on Ravelry, and by email to all participants.
  • If you still have any questions, feel free to email me at osbornfiber at gmail dot com. I do my best to respond to all queries within 24 hours.

Myself and many others are praying that you will be blessed through this experience, drawn closer to God, and given a deeper understanding of His magnificent Story and the amazing place He has given you in it. Please join me in these prayers for yourselves and your fellow knitters, that by the time spring has sprung, all of our hearts have turned more towards Him.

2 thoughts on “The Road Ahead

  1. I’m so thrilled to be a part of this kal and am already blessed by your planning of it! I pray that it will bless you in return 😉 I often pray while I knit, and it will be even more so with this project


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