Cutting the I-cord

Yesterday afternoon I reached the halfway point in Undómiel’s beaded edging.

That, I must say, is a wonderful feeling. A feeling worth two pictures:

I decided to celebrate by “cutting the cord” so to speak, or rather the little belly-button of fake I-cord that was used to start this project back in… March? Oh dear; I don’t want to think about how long ago that was. Wow.

This ugly little bit of acrylic yarn has been hanging off the center of my work like a little pustule, but I hadn’t gotten around to removing it (which I could have after the first clue, if I’d felt like it). If you’d like more information on the Belly Button Cast on for Circular shawls, click here. After removal, carefully and obediently following directions, my little baby became a woman (because that doesn’t make it sound awkward):

Happiness. Like everything else lace, it’ll look better once it’s blocked, but already it looks loads better than Serra’s center did. That took some finageling, and there was still and O left that I did not want. Now we are sealed and happy.

I’ve got my repeat time down to around 25 minutes, remarkably. This means that even though I still have half the border left to go, I should be able to do it in 11 hours and 40 minutes of knitting. Doesn’t that make it sound like I’ve gotten so much more done?

One thought on “Cutting the I-cord

  1. I did mine too today! So pretty cleaned up and the ends weaved in. I really can not believe I am doing something like this! And that I have plans to make another one in EOS by Unique Sheep in that tussah silk and merino yarn!


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