Found Forest

One of the things I miss about my homeland, down on the eastern seaboard of the USA, is all the trees. I grew up in a forest, where out of a third-story window I could see tulip poplars tower above our roof. I didn’t appreciate their beauty as a kid – it was just normal. … More Found Forest

Catherine Macaulay

I’ve finished three more pairs of “Bluestockings” socks recently, and for some reason I’ve had trouble getting around to blogging about any of them. Maybe it’s the gorgeous weather outside, or the getting ready to go on vacation in six days… the same weather that has made these portable projects just perfect for this summer. … More Catherine Macaulay


Orange has never been my color. I find something to like about nearly every color, but orange is one that makes me uncomfortable. A friend once made me a piece of art that was gorgeous and original, but it had a bright orange background. She said the orange represented energy, but it was hard for … More Orange

Elizabeth Montagu

Or, “Watch a pair of socks appear.” These are the “Elizabeth Montegu” socks from the new Bluestockings club by Kate Davies. It’s been a while since I’ve knit a pair of socks, and a good while since I’ve knit socks that weren’t plain. The pattern is a delight. It’s also the first time I’ve knit … More Elizabeth Montagu


Yesterday morning, while the snow buntings chittered and pecked in the yard, Jared and I stepped out to take a few pictures of my new Chrysler Cardigan in front of the slowly-melting mountain of snow next to our entrance steps. I’ve been trying to think of suitable words to accompany my completion of this sweater. … More Chrysler

A Bit of Sewing

Do your projects ever come and go in groups? It seems like I start several things at the same time, and finish them around the same time. Projects associate themselves across different crafts, which I suppose helps me to keep moving in all of them at once. Anyway, I am in a finishing-things stage right … More A Bit of Sewing

The Deep Stash Spin

It all started with a date I had with my friend’s drum carder. I kept carding and carding until I had blended my way through nearly four pounds of deep stash, resulting in two sweaters’ worth of batts. The first sweater’s worth became my Tour de Fleece spin last summer, which in turn is on … More The Deep Stash Spin