Six Assembly Steps

Let’s talk about putting a cake together. Here, I’m not going to say anything that you couldn’t learn from watching just about any instructional video about making cakes, from someone who does it better than I do. But it would feel strange to omit this part of the process – where the baked cakes actually … More Six Assembly Steps

Two Recipe Types

Let’s talk about recipes. If you are into baking, you are probably already a better baker than I am. The actual baking is my weakest point in cake decorating. But I will share with you a few of the recipes that I use, and why I use them specifically in a northern context. Maybe you … More Two Recipe Types

One Shopping List

Let’s talk about ingredients. To be honest with you, the actual baking is not my strongest point. I’m sure you have cake recipes that you like, that work for you. But when you’re trying to scale up to actually run a business, you have to think about which ingredients to choose. What ingredients we choose … More One Shopping List