There’s nothing like a Holy Thursday service to put in perspective being miserable at church. I live the experience of many parents who bring their young kids to church. I am fortunate that our current congregation has become very welcoming toward children. But tonight was Holy Thursday. The service started at the kids’ bedtime, and … More Carried

Four and Bananas

M turns 4 today. This kid! She looks so small in photographs, but she’s so big in real life. She’s incredibly powerful, loving, generous, strong-willed, intelligent, and mischievous. An episode yesterday was perfectly illustrative: she argued her way into my room (where I was having a lie down to recover from a headache) because she … More Four and Bananas

Fourth Pair

What can a pair of boots… mean? That’s what I keep asking myself as a sit down to write this post. They mean the end of a journey that started with a promise: a promise to make my husband kamiik. And they mean he had faith in me to follow through when we invested in … More Fourth Pair