The Thaw

If you’re visiting this blog for the first time, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here, and I hope you enjoy what you find. This little spot is my virtual living room, so to speak, so feel free to make yourself comfortable. I do try to keep things tidy around here – at the bottom of … More The Thaw

Friendship Stars Quilted

Stringbean’s quilt followed a pattern by Christa Watson, from her Craftsy class “Startup Library: Quilting.” It’s a singularly well-designed project for an ambitious beginner, with lots of little touches that grow skills without adding difficulties. I know how difficult it is to design a piece like that! This was especially evident in the quilting. The … More Friendship Stars Quilted

I Spy in January

I spy a rainbow in my sledRed gas canYellow diesel canBlue tarpLittle green parkaLittle pink parka And my big indigo-purple snowpantsWith orange lining. Outside my sled Is monochromeUntil my eyes adjust to the contrastBlack rocks on white snowSage lichen on black rocksOrange fungus on sage lichenSlate ice with aqua fissuresWhite sky with a rim of … More I Spy in January

Friendship Stars

The next step in Stringbean’s quilt was the other half of the blocks. These are called “Friendship Stars,” a block that has a similar nine-patch construction, but with a twist. Out of each set of nine squares, four are half-square triangle blocks! HSTs are a special kind of fun to make. You just stack up … More Friendship Stars


It took years to learn to dress myself. Mass-produced underwearSweatshop shirtBut then it gets interesting. My hat is a handmade gift from an parishioner Who was blessed by my predecessor. My sweater is self-made Using knowledge from booksAnd a friend in Vancouver. My boots are brand newTop of the lineA Christmas giftFrom generous in-lawsWho reach … More Dressed