SCS: Combo Spin 1

Since I started spinning sock yarns, way back two years ago when I had my first really successful, really fast sock spin, I started saving pieces of each braid. I would unbraid, strip off about 1 oz, and set it aside with a label. I did this because 4 oz of fiber made frankly too … More SCS: Combo Spin 1

SCS: Analogous: Bubblegum

I get to share about sock spins today! This spin started as a bundle of undyed mystery wool, which I dyed in two different analogous-esque colourways. I spun the black-bean dyed very light-colored wool first, but I’ll come back to that later. For the bubblegum-colored food-coloring-dyed yarn, I wanted to try something different structurally. So … More SCS: Analogous: Bubblegum