Oh dear, my Martha, Martha my dear. At the present moment, my younger daughter is coming out of a fabulously intense developmental stage. Suddenly my baby is no longer constantly clinging to me. She has new confidence to strike out on her own. I hear the sound of her distinctive scoot-slide, scoot-slide – whose efficiency … More One


How, how, how are you three, little girl? With your light, silky hair and your heart-piercing stare. You chuckle ’till you’re out of breath, you whine my patience half to death; you’re a quiet, patient friend; you’re an effortlessly kind sister… I’m still hopelessly in love with you, you sweet, smart, expressive, thoughtful child. Indeed, how … More Three

Starting to Understand

One of the more maddening things people say to parents of small children is some variation of, “Enjoy the moment!” “Seize the day!” “They’re small for so short a time, enjoy it while it lasts!” Now, I’m generally a polite person, so I usually say something along the lines of “okay!” or “yeah, I’m doing … More Starting to Understand

Mandalas in the Wind

My knitting has slowed to a snail’s pace. We’ve been here a month and a half, and I’ve got one measly sock to show for it. This is not surprising. When would I knit? We don’t commute anymore. My spare time is spent writing sermons or planning things. My evenings are spent working, or drinking … More Mandalas in the Wind

Hand-me-down Love

I do love to knit. But, as it turns out, even when I don’t have much time for knitting myself, there are fringe benefits to just being a knitter. (No pun intended, though I do like a good fringe.) One of them is, other knitters and craft-artists are more likely to give you handmade stuff – … More Hand-me-down Love


  I realized, in reading over Martha’s birth story, that one person’s name doesn’t come up as much as one might expect: Jared’s.   At one level, this is for the very obvious reason that childbirth is quite literally women’s work. So it makes sense that women’s words and wisdom would come to the forefront. … More Daddy