In my Kitchen: latter September (part 2)

Remember when I was gluten-free? Remember when I was making bread by hand, after hand-sprouting, dehydrating, and hand-grinding my own flower? Ha. No more. That is like, the opposite of now. Between a kitchen with actual counter space, and the price of bread, I have embraced the long-scorned bread machine. (Indeed, I briefly had two.) Now … More In my Kitchen: latter September (part 2)


Happy Pi Day, everyone!   “Fallin’ in Love Chocolate Mousse Pie” “I Don’t Want Earl’s Baby Pie” (What? It’s true. I don’t want Earl’s baby.) Both recipes from here. I’ve wanted to try these since I first saw Waitress seven years ago. In reality, the experience of both pies was somewhat marred by their both having … More 3.14.15

Fishy Notes

We interrupt this narrative of theological reflection and vocational discernment to bring you… cooking tourism. Not culinary tourism, per se, but the indulgence of someone who gets a kick out of cooking with new and different foods. I mean, the eating them is good too. Warning: if you are disturbed by images of dead and eviscerated … More Fishy Notes

The Bread Report: The Last Homemade Experiments

The Gluten Reintroduction Experiment has been accelerated over the holidays. Our nascent Bible Study spent over two months meditating on Luke 10:1-12, in which Jesus says twice to the 72 disciples he sends out, “eat what is put before you.” Since (in 10 days now, eep!) we are going to be guests in a very different … More The Bread Report: The Last Homemade Experiments