Naturally Dyed & Recycled Yarns

All Osborn Fiber Studio yarns are available on this website. Click the images on the left sidebar to learn more about currently available yarns.

Second Chance Lace

Second Chance Lace yarns are recycled from old garments. Each dyelot is from a different garment, so the dyelots are unique not only in color, but also in fiber content. Because the yarn is made by hand – ripped from a sweater, re-twisted, dyed, and reskeined – they have an unusual texture. Like the rest of Osborn Fiber Studio yarns, these yarns are hand-dyed with natural ingredients that you could find outside or in the grocery store. Second Chance yarns are the perfect choice if you are looking for something soft and one-of-a-kind, with delicate semi-solid color shifts. It comes in generous 500-yard skeins.

My Backyard/My Kitchen Socks

“My Backyard” Socks and “My Kitchen” Socks are hand-dyed with natural ingredients that can be found outdoors or in a grocery store. Except where otherwise noted, the base yarn is 90% superwash merino and 10% nylon (but still wash by hand, please! Natural dyes are not machine washable!) in a generous 480 yard skein.

Kirby Woolpaca

“Kirby Woolpaca” is a worsted-weight blend of alpaca and wool, dyed by Linda. All naturally dyed, this yarn comes in both semi-solids and multi-colors, good for small and large projects alike.

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