To-do list for this week:

-Read three books (George Marsden’s Fundamentalism and American Culture, Steven Harmon’s Ecumenism is for You Too, and portions of Hans Urs Von Balthazar’s Mysterium Paschale)

-Write two reflections for Global Anglicanism

-Take long walks on the beach

-Experience Jacuzzi bath (none of the above books allowed)

-Research PhD programs

-Collect seashells

-Do at least one relaxing thing per day (must be approved by Jared Osborn, certified relaxation consultant for Very Driven Women)

-Watch Doctor Who 10th Doctor specials and Season 5

-Design the Pentecost KAL shawl

-Read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix aloud on the windy porch

-Consume local citrus

-Catch up on blog tutorial posts

-Photo shoot on the beach w/ new sweater & stole

-Attempt to swim in cold-looking water

-Walk to a local restaurant that looks like a tiki hut for breakfast

-Take pretty pictures of sunsets – CHECK

4 thoughts on “Task-Oriented

  1. The Gulf is the warmest ocean water available in the continental U.S.–if you’re going to be able to swim anywhere comfortably in early March it’s there.


  2. I don’t think I do as many things in a regular week as you do in your vacation. 😛 But possibly I’m in denial. I like to pretend that I’m laid back and don’t fin into that “very-driven woman” category of yours. I’m sure there’s a FB group for that. And a 12 step group, now that I think about it.


  3. Wow – this sounds so fun!! Enjoy!!!

    About your book list – if you ever want someone to talk with about Balthasar, Dan’s your man =)


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