New Second Home

I’m still here, churning out the Christmas presents, burning the midnight oil, writing here while waiting for attachments for my Biblical Theology project to upload.  But enough about that. I have been working at a new yarn shop – Yarns Unlimited – for over two months now, and I’ve been saving some pictures of it for a rainy day to tell you all about it.

Yarns Unlimited takes up most of what is apparently the “Thomas Building” in scenic Sewickley, about twelve minutes from my house. I know what you’re probably thinking: “Unlimited? Really?” Well, I am a seminary student, so I should qualify with some philosophy or metaphysics or at least some theology about how only God is omnipotent etc. bla blu blee. But the space-time continuum sort of suspends itself when you walk in the door.

Their yarn selection is… well. Stupidly amazing. This is what happens when you have one woman with good taste amassing stock for 25 years. She carries a ton of Rowan, and has for so long that they are a go-to source for discontinued colors. The actual storefront takes up the first floor, and there is so much yarn to be had that they only keep one or two balls of each yarn in each color on the sales floor. But do not be deceived; they have a sweater’s worth in most of it in *The Basement.*

Let me tell you about *The Basement.* I’d tell you to close your eyes but that would make it difficult to read, so imagine with your eyes open – all of the square footage of the store, plus more in the back and front somehow, floor to ceiling, wall to wall, with several floor-to-ceiling shelves in between… yarn. Just. yarn. You get a little dizzy when you first go down there. I consider myself privileged to get to wander around there, talking to myself, grateful that yarn is an insulator so it is unlikely anyone can hear me talking to myself.

But that’s not all, ladies and gentlefolk – anytime the store is open, you can go up to the third floor to the *Sale Room.* Like the basement, words rather fail. Most of it is 50% off. I have fallen down rather hard with the credit card more than once in that room. It makes it easier being there regularly, since I know I’ll be back. But dude. There’s a lot of flippin’ yarn here.

Enough infomercialage. Come; you will like it. I am having fun. The staff is goofy and very gracious with my airhead self. I am slowly getting to know the customers, though my brain is so full of theologians that it doesn’t have much room for names and faces.

Ending thoughts: I love Cloverhill, and I miss it so much. It was because of Jolene and the opportunities there that I became a confident teacher and fixer of problems, and it was there that I gained the yarny exposure and experience that have helped me fit into a groove here at YU so quickly. That home-away-from-home can never be replaced. But there’s no doubt – I have a pretty substantial salve for the hardship of change.

6 thoughts on “New Second Home

  1. i have ordered online from this wonderful place. several times i found coveted yarns that i couldn’t get any where else and on top of that it was super quick service. i hope someday to wander around this store in person as it is only 5 hours from where i live – a great excuse for a pittsburgh getaway.


  2. You still got that comfy couch at home? By the time I finished shopping there would be no more money on the card for a room at a motel!

    So jealous of the yarn!!!!


  3. Lol Jonica! You can sleep on my couch anytime. And Judi you should come out! Things are cheap out here, though this time of year rather hard to make into a “getaway”.


  4. Hey Tammy – that’s not true anymore, sadly. When I wrote this they still had the sale room, but they’ve since consolidated and gotten rid of the things that weren’t selling; the former sale room is being rented out. Sowwy!


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