I know you’ve been wondering

Pokeberry season is finally over in Ambridge, PA. Ever wonder what 86 lbs of pokeberries looks like?

That’s about 17 full gallon bags. They take up, from bottom to top, the entire right side of our new freezer.

Meet our freezer! Is it not “teh cute”? We got it from a lady who had a friend who worked in a grocery store when they apparently stopped using this particular promotional display. I was very excited to be able to make a “business investment” at this level. Now this little guy lives in our basement, holding nothing but dyestuffs.

We were told we should have a lockable freezer if it was to be in our basement, as it isn’t the most secure spot in town, but really… I’m not too worried. Anyone hoping to steal a slab of meat from us will have plenty of opportunities to say “what the…?!” and find more normal people to rob. Not that thieves are known for their intelligence, but even the most persistently clueless of hooligans would only be rewarded for their efforts here by a nasty case of indigestion after some questionable pie with the “blueberries” they nicked from their neighbors.

4 thoughts on “I know you’ve been wondering

  1. I picked all of 2 pounds of pokeberries, including the stems! They are sitting in my fridge waiting to be separated from stems. I guess you don’t need them. I’m ready to learn how to dye some yarn with my berries! We still have a bunch around here. I’ll try to fill ONE bag without stems…..I think you have posts from ages ago telling how you first dyed stuff. Are you going to go through it again or should I look at your old FACEbook notes?


  2. Well actually my goal was 100 lbs so i stopped at 86 so i would still have room for yours x.x but if you decide you want to try it yourself, be my guest! I may have posted a few pictures of my pokeberry dyeing, but I don’t think I’ve done a tutorial, so stay tuned for that.


  3. Oh….now I’m torn. I would love to learn to dye with pokeberries since I love red so much, but I enjoy supporting you too! Hmmmm…..what to do……


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