Design Decisions

After helping Rebecca and Jared move into their new place in Ambridge, I drove home knowing I could finally start the beautifully colored sweater I had worked so hard to prepare…..color design, laying out all the colors in a paint program graph, swatches, ball winding……but when I got home, I was too sad to start on such a happy sweater.

Instead, I looked at the 5 small skeins of yarn on sale I bought in Sewekley, near Ambridge, at the pretty yarn store called Yarns Unlimited (I think.)  They were cool colors and so I looked where to put them among my stash which is either hung on walls around my craft room, or placed in baskets or on shelves.

patriotic setThis is my patriotic set of stuff and the yarn fits here because it’s big and colorful.

blue and grey setThese yarns are mostly blues and greys

bright colors setOn the right is my “Family Banner”.  Each family member picked out a ball of yarn they personally liked, and I had to design something with all 6 colors!

"my stuff" yarnA collection of blacks, golds and silvers.  In the red felted bag is plain black.

pink and red setThese are my pink and red yarns.  On the right is a dress made by my husband’s sister, Kathy.

So this is most of my stash….and I have tried to discipline myself to only buy new yarn when I had emptied one of my baskets or removed something hanging on the wall.   And I have never had more than 2-3 projects going on at once, because I do like finishing things.  So far, so good….after many years.  But this time,  as I tried placing the little skeins of “Sahara’ by Noro, they didn’t look good anywhere.  They were too small to put on the top shelf with my patriotic stuff.  And when I tried to put them in the baskets with the other blue and grey yarn, they kept falling over!   It seemed that I had finally reached a point when I bought too much yarn!!

Oh no, what to do?  I already had 3 projects underway.

I decided it was time to break the mold and start a 4th project.  I wound the skeins into little balls of yarn and looked at them.  Hmm…..only 200 meters total…..would that even make a scarf?  Hmm… I have any stash yarn that would go with this?

I went through several design decisions to finally get to this point:

new projectFirst I decided that this variegated blue would go pretty well with the set.  It’s “Shakespeare” by Artful yarns. Then I looked through a book called “Quick Knits Cool Projects” by House of White Birches.  I didn’t like any of the scarf designs, but I did like the sideways vest pattern on p. 75.  That gave me the idea to do some garter stitches in there somewhere.

Then, because the “Shakespeare” was not as dense as the “Sahara”, I decided to do the garter stitches in that.  And straight stitches in the “Sahara.”  It’s all on the circular size 10 needle.  Very simple in the end, really.  And a nice collection of dark colors to go with my sad mood.

Eventually, when I get more used to all 3 children being in college for the first time, and only having 1 left at home, I’ll be ready to start on the happy sweater Rebecca and I are both knitting.

2 thoughts on “Design Decisions

  1. ooo. i like the variegated grey you put it with. are you going to include the grey as a stripe too? Will go nice with black or blue or grey or anything! very yummy. It is good to have a neutral color winter coat (like your black one or my off-white one) so we can put whatever wintery things we want with it!

    I have the shetland yarn in a sad box of sadness 😦 just put away, waiting for the right moment. right now all i have time for is mad easy projects that i can do in class, while reading, or while walking! i figured i’d pull out the shetland when we had time to watch a movie, but we haven’t so much as turned on the TV since we’ve been here. on the upside, we do actually have all our reading done.


  2. Well done on your reading! No, I wasn’t going to include the variegated grey (it’s actually grey-blue) as a stripe…it’s just the garter stitch divider between the 5 darker colors.


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