Knitting Metal

Finished objects flying at you in a frenzy of confusion! You think I’m lyin’ but it’s only an illusion!

Okay yeah I am not metal at all. But this hat is pretty hardcore. It’s the “Proverbial Cap” by Meg Swanson, found in the latest issue of Interweave Knits, Fall 2010, knit with Berroco Pure Merino.

Yarn Review: Pure Merino is aspensive, but I’m pretty sure it’s worth it. I would knit sweaters in it if I was rolling in money. It’s got that coil-like texture, which means that the stitch definition for cables is more or less unmatchable. The picture really doesn’t do justice to how perfectly popped the stitches look.

Pattern Review: I don’t think I’ve ever knit anything by Meg Swanson before, even though she is the famous daughter of Everyone’s Favorite Knitting Goddess, Elizabeth Zimmerman. I found the pattern very clear and precise, giving me exactly the attention to detail that I expected. That said, I sorta know what I’m doing – if you don’t, it’s probably a little harder.

Knitting worsted weight on size 4s was a bit painful for my sensitive wrists, but the stitches are SO PERFECT LOOKING that I can’t complain. That said, I would not do a whole sweater like this; I would like to be able to knit other things later. This will be difficult if my hands fall off. And she is serious about this being for a child or a small adult head – if I wanted to make a hat that did not pop off after a few seconds, I’d add a few more stitches in the “filler” sections.

ALSO, immediately preceding the pattern was an excellent section on twisted stitch cables. She doesn’t *tell* you this, but this is actually an excellent tutorial on cabling without a cable needle. She gave rather too many options on how to do each one, but if you’re curious, the method I use in my tutorial on the subject corresponds to her method “D” for each cable type.

Finally – because the knits are all twisted, they are very tight – but the purls are loose and open. So if you flip it inside out, the knits are all loose and open, and the purls are all sucked in… which creates a very cool effect!

Cool, eh? It’s probably one of the more professional-looking things I’ve ever done. But I’m glad it’s for the shop, as it really didn’t want to stay on my head.

2 thoughts on “Knitting Metal

  1. owwwie! That does look tight! Not my thing but it does look good. I have seen this in the shop and liked it but it was one of those things that you look at and for me will never do.


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