Vulnerable to Threat

I am pleased to report an example of the fact that, if you work on something, it will actually get done.

I am pleased with the contrasting heel and toe decision, and was surprisingly entranced by the salt-and-pepper bits on the sole and toe. For some reason, I thought they would be annoying the way seed stitch is kind of annoying to me, but it didn’t occur to me the switching between two colors in fair isle is not even remotely like switching between knit and purl. I could totally do a whole project in salt-and-pepper fair isle or 1×1 vertical fair isle stripes, like these adorable things.

With ten days left, I am almost done the snowflake section of the second sock, but Norway in July #2 just ran into some major danger.

It’s name is Annis. It’s made of cashmere. There may be nupps involved. If I were watching this in the 3rd person, I would be biting my fingernails, but I’m not. I’m sure you’ll agree that if I thought I was, that would be weird.

3 thoughts on “Vulnerable to Threat

  1. As per your recommendations I have ordered the books and I am still waiting for delievery. Knit picks seems to be slow in getting the package here lately???? Havent had this problem before.


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