How Cool Is My Life?!

I have at least the standard amount of suck in my life, but every now and then I have to realize how blessed I really am. This is how I spent my afternoon:

In the screened-in porch at Breezy Willow Farm, spending quality time with the blue Dorset fleece I dyed a few weeks ago and the Caulders’ double-wide Schacht drum carder.

Above the drum carder you can see the funky way the fleece dyed. The grease that stayed in the tips of the lock somehow made those tips take more dye than the base of the locks, which looked really odd on the fleece itself. But it all blended together to a silvery sky blue, that you can see in the finished batt peeking out from next to the drum. On the carder itself is an almost-complete batt going in for a second pass.

I spent four hours playing with wool today. Outside. Granted, it was not my wool, and I didn’t get to take it home, but I got paid. In food. It’s barter-tastic! Note to self: acquire more skills that will be useful in trade to people who grow food.

This spastic bout of thankfulness brought to you by a large glass of shiraz, air conditioning, and my camera phone.

One thought on “How Cool Is My Life?!

  1. Useful skill #1 on your list of things to do.
    Wood working/Carpentry.
    Learn and there’s no end to the number of people that will bother you for things to make or fix. Fancy a new piece of furniture, or go all the way and remodel the entire woodwork in the kitchen! Or heck put in hardwood floors or add an addition, or a porch!
    And you can get all sorts of lovely things in return.
    Or you could just build stuff for yourself! Make your own spinning wheel?


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