Moment of Truth

I finally have all five pieces of my purple sweater completed:

Two sleeves (their stripiness matches so well! Is it not pleasing?!), one back, one large front, and one small front. However, I still have a rather serious problem:

See the notable lack of neckline on the large front? I still haven’t fixed it. If I wore it like this, it’d have a lapel not unlike the uniforms on the Enterprise D, flopping open ungracefully in unworthy emulation. No, I would like a collar on these.

But I still haven’t decided how to fix my mistake (that mistake being: forgetting to leave room for a collar). I could (a) just rip back to the second-to-last buttonhole to install the collar, taking the risk that the four remaining buttonholes would be spaced too far apart for a non-gappy closure (because there are few things that make one look unjustly tubby quite like buttons spaced too far apart), or (b) rip back the whole front and space the five buttonholes closer together while leaving room for a collar, taking the risk that the yarn will look like barf if I rip it and re-knit it one more time.

But I can’t stall any longer. If I want to keep moving on this sweater (and I do; either way I could totally finish it before the Knitting Olympics start on Friday, and I’d love to wear this to the opening ceremonies party), I need to make a decision. Gah!

So I need someone who knows: If the buttons are really big, is 6″ too far apart? Will they look gappy and crappy? Or will they look just fine, and I should quit freaking out and just finish the dumb thing?

Please leave your advice… I can’t guarantee I’ll take it, but I’m so torn that any suggestion might sway me.

In other news, in case you’re worried, we’ve moved on from our obsession with Super Mario Galaxy.

We’ve switched to PC games. My choice is Syberia. Jared’s is… well, if you can’t guess from this picture, you probably wouldn’t care anyway.

One thought on “Moment of Truth

  1. I am not good enough with sweaters to tell you the truth but it looks pretty to me. Maybe someone who is more experienced can help with that but I do love how the stripes match up! I couldn’t do that to save my life!



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