Activities of the Femme Knitika

Due to having legs and feet covered with poison ivy, thanks to ill-advised bushwhacking through Columbia’s wilds on Friday, RebbieJaye has been bound hand and foot to be kept from scratching. So she doesn’t miss any important appointments, she called me, her evil twin, to fill in. I conspired with her husband to wreak havoc on her budget:


Yes, that’s a ginormous bag of yarn from Large Marge’s. It includes brown 100% worsted weight that she’ll now HAVE to use to replace her old green sweater. No more carting around that pilled-up thing; UGH. We also managed to smuggle into the house 12 skeins of dark horse yarn that LM’s was foolishly getting rid of at 3$ a ball… muahahaha.

Filling in for her by going to a friend’s birthday party, I blitzed through a good bit of her current prayer shawl:


And finished her spinning. Am I not so much better at this than she is? My skeins are the two on the right.


When I got home, I found that she had snuck into the guest bedroom to work her her so called “secret project.”


Like I’m going to let her get away with that. What she’s making is a f–mfh!! pflasudriedl!!!


Phew. I’m back, everyone. Sorry, that was close, but I found Lanacane, and was able to use it to loosen my bonds, applying it to my legs in time to stop the itching and keep that Femme Knitika from spoiling my surprise. Sheesh.

I REALLY want to start something new but I’m not sure where to start, with all the fun stuff FK brought home for me! I think I’ll start small, maybe with a pair of socks from this “Comfort Sock” stuff.

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