Prayer Shawls Made Cool by Sparky Old Ladies

Things I learned from this tank:


1. Grafting: this is so fun! There are no detectable seams on this garment.

2. Backwards knitting: is not that hard, and surprisingly rewarding on short rows.

3. There is a good reason I could not find a pattern for a vertically striped tank.

Here is some detail on the fun little kimono top:


I love that bit! But honestly, if I get this yarn again, I’m going to make it into a friggin’ scarf. I need to stop trying to be fancy, or I’m going to really injure myself one of these days.

I really really really want to buy this:

so I can make this:

It’s called the “Baby Yoda Sweater.” Is that not the greatest thing ever? Especially since the daddy of the baby in question’s favorite movie is supposedly RotJ.

For now, I have to go to a picnic at hubby’s work. Yay, no-work dinner! And when I get home I can play with this:

I have an odd problem: every time I get into my car, I smell wool. Or, more precisely, sheep. There is no reason that I can think of for this. No wet sheep has climbed into my car since I started smelling this smell. Am I losing my mind? Do I so badly want to drop everything in my life and become a fiber farmer that my brain has made up a place where it can smell sheep?

Either way, last night, I got a chance to get at this glorious stuff:

I’m calling this color “citrus sunset”. Isn’t it the most wonderful thing you’ve ever seen? That slubby mess you see next to the roving is my first attempt. It’s pretty bad, but it could always be made into a hat for a baby… or maybe a stuffed animal…or wrist warmers? erm… Anyway, I’m getting a lot better. Though I have to say that hand spinning when you’re just starting is an emotional rollercoaster. “Oh man, I’ve made this lovely and fine for a whole yard! Maybe I’ll be able to make the rest of it into laceweight. Oops, there’s a slub; I guess it’s worsted. No wait it’s thinner; maybe it’ll be a DK… oops, another slub.” I hate having no idea what this is going to become!! All I know is that it’s gorgeous, will probably stripe, and I have to accept that it will definitely be slubby.

That stuff might be glorious, but I got to experience some real glory today hanging out with the lovely ladies of St. Timothy’s Prayer Shawl Ministry. Between Dorothy calling every yarn manufacturer she could think of (Lion Brand is the only one who responded, and boy did they ever) and Sandy receiving two boxes of yarn from a friend of her mother’s, they have enough yarn to keep them busy for a year!

That’s Vashti, Dorothy, and Sandy (sorry for the awful picture ladies. I have to get you a better one, I know). Yet’s that’s my little prayer shawl in the foreground. We spent the first hour not knitting, but sorting through all of the stuff, some awful, some wonderful, and stashing it away in the ministry’s special closet. I got to turn in my first completed shawl (which was humbling; it was appreciated much more than I liked it while I was making it).

Dorothy is teaching Lois how to crochet.

It amazes me that Lois is an accomplished knitter, yet is still choosing to pick up something totally new. I hope I am still open-hearted enough to be trying brand-new things at the age of… well I won’t tell you her age, but she did tell me that she and her husband were married right before the Korean war. How cool is that?

We prayed over the shawls that have been made so far:

This ministry has been around for just a few months, and already has made over 50 shawls. Crocheted, knitted, and made on a “magic knitter”, they’re trying everything. It was so uplifting to spend time with them. I think my attitude check is complete; I’m going to enjoy and rejoice with the Lord in my prayer shawls from now on.

Speaking of which, my shawl didn’t make much progress, but it too was enlivened by the company.

It also grew feet.

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